Caps-Bolts: Ovechkin’s other options with 25 seconds left

With about 25 seconds to go in last night’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Capitals down by a goal, I would have liked to have seen Alex Ovechkin pass the puck to a teammate rather than hold it and eventually shoot from a bad angle (see video embedded below).

Troy Brouwer was open and then, after Ovechkin comes out from behind the net, John Carlson appears to have been open as he was cutting in from the point. Carlson might have had the whole top right corner of the net open for a quick shot, with Lightning goaltender Mathieu Garon down in a butterfly position and over toward the left post.

Just putting the puck on net like Ovechkin eventually did isn’t a bad idea in that situation, but he had better options and they would have involved some puck movement, which is often a very good thing—in fact, it’s what led to the Caps only goal of the game.

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  1. Possibly, but when Brower was open, Ovechkin was focused on the defender (#77) and trying to deke him. I am also not sure he could have gotten the puck through the small passing lane available then. By the time the passing lane cleared he was behind the net with momentum going away from Brower. The pass might have been to Carlsom, but I would have rather seen Carlson rotate more to the slot to create a better passing angle.

    • I think the Carlson pass might have been the better option but I am with Pat on the Brouwer option–though difficult, there’s a chance there. Seeing Ovechkin not attempt either one is what frustrates me.

  2. A pass to Brouwer would have been a play that made me say “wow, nice pass” but an NHL player has to be able to make that pass. At the 9 and 10 second mark of the video, Ovechkin has a look to Brouwer that is as good as it is gonna get at that point in a 1 goal game. The defender was much more worried with the cross crease pass. I agree he had a lot to contend with and a small window, but an NHL player, especially the guy paid the $ to make the big play with the game on the line, has got to make that play.

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