C’mon, Peter! You know what was up.

Pierre looks concerned.

After yesterday’s Flyers-Penguins game, Philadelphia coach Peter Laviolette was upset with Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma for the players he chose to put on the ice with just over a minute to go in the Flyers 6-4 victory.

Laviolette commented: “They hadn’t used those guys in 12 minutes. It was a completely gutless move by their coach.” — Frank Seravalli (@DNFlyers) April 1, 2012 (h/t Puck Daddy)

Seriously, Peter? You should know exactly why the Penguins had “those guys” on the ice looking to start something at that point in the game and it was anything but “gutless.” You had Brayden Schenn on the ice and, just minutes before, he’d pulled this after-the-whistle, cross-check on Sidney Crosby.

I can’t blame the Penguins for wanting to let Schenn and the Flyers know not to push one of their players around. In fact, it’s the type of thing I’d like to see the Washington Capitals do more of. I’m not looking for them to goon-it-up, but I am looking for them to stick up for their teammates when they are the victims of dirty hits like the elbow Rene Bourque gave Nicklas Backstrom earlier this year, putting him out for months with a concussion, or the one by Mark Stuart on Marcus Johansson just a few weeks ago, which my brother blogged about, wondering why the Caps had not responded:

The Caps were rightfully upset with Mark Stuart for his high and late hit on Marcus Johansson in the 1st period.  Unfortunately, we only came to find out after the game that the Caps were upset, since there was absolutely no visible response from the Caps during the game.  Is this team aware that you don’t have to wait for a player to be traded to Montreal in order to respond to a dirty play on a teammate?  The Caps and Jets meet again next Friday and there may be a response then, but why didn’t that happen last night? That’s the kind of hit where I’m okay with a Caps player immediately charging at Stuart and risk giving the Jets a five minute PP.

I’m not a fan of all-out-goonery in hockey, but I was glad to see the Penguins go for a little in-game retribution for what Schenn did to Crosby. Laviolette must not have been watching the same game I was, but I hope the Caps were.

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  1. I do believe Brayden Schenn crosschecking Sidney Crosby was in retaliation for the many little hits and slashes he was doling out and not penalized for. So Schenn was telling Crosby to knock off his behavior and don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

  2. Hi Mike. Good post. I’m curious though, didn’t Crosby take a run at Schenn beforehand? It’s at about the 10 second mark on this clip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDmdz0x8QXM. I assume that’s what Schenn retaliated for. It’s a rough angle and I can’t find anything else yet on it. Am I missing something? Granted, retaliation will usually always get you a penalty, especially when it’s of the idiotic nature that Schenn used. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Flyers and Pens, but I think Crosby was asking for it. Unless I’m way off. Your thoughts?

    • Thanks, Chuck. I think you’re right. It looks like Crosby took a shot at Schenn at the 10 second mark of the clip you posted. If you find other angles, I’d love to check them out to see how bad it was.

      • I’ll do some heavy searching when I get home but I don’t think I’ll have much luck. It kinda looks like it may not be terrible, but it’s definitely something.

  3. Great post, Mike.
    To me, Laviolette looks foolish for being so outraged. I understand the outburst in the heat of the moment, but I can’t understand where he is coming from with his strong comments after the game. Crosby/Schenn aside, I don’t see what’s wrong with the Vitale/Briere incident. Even if Bylsma sent that line out there to mix it up, the hit by Vitale on Briere was 100% clean. So Laviolette is upset with a clean hit that MAY have been delivered with the direct intent to send a message? I’m not sure why it’s gutless to send a message with a completely clean hit. Crosby made a good point after the game. He basically said that if Laviolette doesn’t want Briere in that situation then don’t put him out there.

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