The Crosby hit on Schenn before the cross-check

Yesterday, an observant BrooksLaichyear commenter pointed out that, just prior to Brayden Schenn’s cross-check on Sidney Crosby during the Flyers’ 6-4 victory over the Penguins on Sunday, Crosby took a run at Schenn. Check out the 10 second mark of the video below.

It looks like Mike Milbury noticed Crosby’s hit on Schenn too

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  1. So Crosby shoulder checks Schenn from the side, seconds after he passes the puck. Then Schenn cross-checks Crosby in the back numbers and after the whistle.

    And some people consider that “tit for tat”?

    Those are the simpletons who don’t have a clue about hockey….

    • I don’t consider that tit for tat, just provided some insight into Schenn’s actions. On the other hand, Schenn’s actions were pretty stupid. I just don’t think Crosby should be so surprised when someone takes exception to his nonsense.

    • Maybe some people consider it tit-for-tat, but that’s not the point here. The point is to provide some context to the cross-check on Crosby. As you can see from the post and comments yesterday, I think the tone on this blog is one that sides more with the Pens than the Flyers in this incident.

  2. Awesome!! The like the skirt comment Milbury throws in there.

  3. Did anyone watch this game? Schenn’s crosscheck wasn’t after the whistle.

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