What are you wearing…to the RMNB Party?

My brother and BrooksLaichyear.com sidekick, Pat Holden has his outfit all picked out for the RMNB Party 4. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a viewing party tomorrow at Front Page Arlington for the Caps final game of the year, hosted by Caps bloggers russianmachineneverbreaks.com. Click that RMNB Party 4 link and we’ll see you there. Look for Pat in the shirt below — I’m pretty sure the shirt was mine first, by the way, and I handed it down to him. I bet I looked awesome in that and my neon laced roller blades.

About Mike Holden

Mike Holden is on Twitter at @mikeholden.

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  1. That shirt was a deal at TJ Maxx and if you were smart, you would never have let it out of your hands!

  2. I’ll trade you a bag of skittles and two rolls of pogs for it.

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