Show Tim Thomas your “O” face at Game 3 on Monday at Verizon Center

Before anyone on the right or left gets too excited, this is about the politics of winning a playoff series and nothing more…

Remember how Tim Thomas, in protest, skipped the Bruins Stanley Cup trip to the White House earlier this year?  Well, apparently the subject is still a sore one with Tim (no word yet on if it’s more sore than his bruised ego after this Matt Hendricks shootout goal). Last week, he shut down his media session when asked again about the skipped White House ceremony and whether he was worried it might come up during the playoff series against the Caps.

Regardless of political affiliation or whether you think the issue is overplayed and blown out of proportion, the fact is, Thomas clearly doesn’t want the issue brought up as his team plays the Caps in the first round.  As fans of his opponent, it is our duty to betray his wishes.

Below you will find Barack Obama, Capitals fan extraordinaire.  Print it, Print it, Print it.  Take it to Game 3 on Monday.  Take it down by the glass during warm-ups.  If you’re sitting behind a goal, print out enough for your entire section.  Thomas may skip the White House, and the real Obama may not attend Caps games, but we can still ensure that this issue that Thomas wants to avoid is right in his face when he comes to D.C. Thanks to Erick at for the design work!


Download it, print it & hold it up to the glass for Timmy to see during warm-ups (or all night) at Game 3 on Monday.

To download, click the image above or on this link:

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