Caps fans share their keys to Game 2

Ovechkin Waits for Faceoff

Ovechkin Waits for Faceoff (Photo credit: clydeorama)

This morning, we asked Caps fans on Twitter, “what is one thing the team must do differently in Game 2?”  Here’s some of what we got back:


Here’s one from my brother and fellow BrooksLaichyear blogger…

And there’s the obvious one I’d expect we might get…

…but then some more detail…

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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  1. Justin Michaliga

    What’s up with staggering and putting Semin on Line 4? This was the 2nd practice I have heard about this line-up. Would this actually be a good place to even out time across all of the lines and have Semin pierce through on the fourth line? Definitely throwing a different look at the Rangers this time around. I figure they’re going to play the same game, we’re trying something new. I liked what I saw the last series through Game 1 and thought it was working. This could be either a pleasant surprise or a complete disaster.

    • I was involved in a few extended debates about this on Twitter today, so I don’t want to rehash too much. That being said, Semin on the 4th line is absurd. Hunter said Semin needs to score goals and be “good” on the PP. Good points, but the demotions makes no sense since he leads the team in both goals and PPG for the playoffs. So now he’s on the 4th line where he is in a position to have less success? Makes no sense to me.
      Some people on Twitter referenced certain things Semin did/does wrong. My point is not that Semin is free from blame but that in general his contributions are under appreciated while his shortcomings are exaggerated.

      • Justin Michaliga

        Seems as if the practices were just some pre-game tactics or either confuse the Rangers or get Semin backchecking. From 4th line to starting the game. Hunter could be the Mad Scientist we were all looking for.

  2. Holy moly I would love that picture as a desktop wallpaper

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