‘Good Canadian boy’ pixels (Attention: Don Cherry, CBC Television)

Throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs, fans have been seen in TV shots flipping opposing players the bird after a goal. But it’s rare that you see the players fire one back, which is what it appears Dan Girardi and Michael Del Zotto of the New York Rangers are doing here to this fan in Washington after last night’s three-overtime victory.

I wonder if hockey commentator Don Cherry will label Girardi and Del Zotto, both from Ontario, ‘good Canadian boys’ or criticize this behavior as “goofy stuff” like he did when Alex Ovechkin did such highly offensive things as excitedly jumping into the glass to celebrate goals. We’ll wait to hear from Cherry on this.

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  1. Ooooo, how freaking awful. I’d be worrying about other things if I was a Caps fan. Let’s Go Rangers!

    • Whether it’s awful isn’t the point (though I do wonder what those two idiots were doing reacting to that fan as pro athletes during their post-game celebration). The point is that Cherry will get all worked up about a player like Ovechkin harmlessly jumping into the glass to celebrate a goal, saying it’s not “the Canadian Way” and I’m wondering what he’d think of this display by two Canadian players. And I would like to hear Torts asked about it, just for the reaction. Go Caps!

  2. Why do you care what Don Cherry thinks?

  3. You’re an idiot.

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