QUESTION FOR YOU: How many Top 6 forwards do the Caps have?

It’s no secret that the 2012-13 Washington Capitals have holes to fill at wing on their top two lines. After going without a legitimate second line center for several years, the Caps’ June 2012 acquisition of Mike Ribeiro from the Dallas Stars appears to have solved that problem at least through the end of this season, when Ribeiro’s contract is set to expire. But after Ribeiro, Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin, the “Top 6” talent on the Caps’ 2012-13 roster drops off substantially.

Here’s the question for you, the readers: How many Top 6 forwards do you feel the Caps have on the team right now? Tell us in the comments below or via Twitter (we’ll paste some of your tweets into this post) how many you think the Caps have and who those players are. Your answer does not have to be a whole number. For example, I might score the team at a 3.5 right now:

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  1. This is a new thought I had today on top-6 forward. I’ll try to hash it out below, but this is going to be an incomplete idea without a quantitative definition, for the time being.
    For me, there are two different types of top 6 forwards. There are the Ovechkin/Backstrom type and then there are the Brouwer/Laich type. I’ll call the Ovi/Backstrom type A and the Brouwer Laich type B.
    I think this difference is needed because, while I consider Laich and Brouwer top-6 forwards, I wouldn’t consider a top-6 forward group consisting of all guys like Brouwer and Laich to be a competent top 6. At the same time, I don’t think there is a team in the league with 6 forwards of the quality of Backstrom or Ovechkin.
    Like I said, I don’t have a fleshed out definition of this, and maybe this is just a passing thought of the moment, but I’d define the Caps, when healthy, as this:
    Top 6 A: Backstrom, Ovechkin, Ribeiro
    Top 6 B: Brouwer, Laich

    The lack of depth at top 6 forwards is further complicated by the fact that Laich is also a very good 3C. While someone like Beagle may be able to adequately fill this role, Laich is definitely the best fit from this roster. But let’s say Laich plays in a top-6 role upon his return, the above groups would leave the Caps a top 6 forward short (and therefore a 3C short as well, in my opinion).

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