Quintin Laing’s 2007-08 season sure was fancy

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot of time fiddling around on War on Ice since it recently went live. Sometimes I come across some really surprising stuff. My latest surprise was seeing Quintin Laing’s numbers from the 2007-08 season. In 39 games, Laing posted a FF% of 62.28, the highest season FF% of any Caps player (39+ games) on record at War on Ice, which goes back as far as 2002. For more context on just how good a FF% of 62.28 is, only 4 Caps (39+ games) have had a season FF% higher than 60 since 2002.

Here they are:

Player Season FF%
Laing 2007-08 62.28
Fedorov 2008-09 61.09
Nylander 2003-04 60.84
Fehr 2008-09



In the 2007-08 season, Laing’s FF% was the best on the team by a wide margin, with Fehr finishing 2nd at 58.89. Laing did not face particularly tough competition that season, finishing 18th on the team in QoC TOI% at 28.12. However, he was given the second toughest zone starts on the team, with an offensive ZS% of 42.13.

Here’s the Caps player usage chart for the season. You can find Laing on the far left middle, just below Boyd Gordon.


In the 39 games he played, Laing only saw 8:45 ATOI. His close-game numbers, while still stellar, were not quite as strong. His Fenwick % of 55.25 falls to 8th best on the team. Laing’s FenClose rel is 5th at +6.04%.

It’s a shame Laing didn’t play more games for the Caps, or else his possession numbers and zone starts probably would have landed him on the Caps advanced stats All-Star team.

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