Caps Advanced Stats Player of the Month: November 2014

In October 2014, Alex Ovechkin took home the Caps advanced stats Player of the Month award.

For this month, I’ve changed up the categories a little bit. Here are the categories

1) Relative shot attempts-The amount of shot attempts in the Caps favor when a player is on the ice vs. when he’s off the ice. The higher the number, the better

2) SA For/60-Caps shot attempts for per 60 minutes of ice time for an individual player. The higher the number, the better.

3) SA Against/60-Opponent shot attempts per 60 minutes of ice time for an individual player. The lower the number the better.

4) Zone starts-The percentage of shifts a player starts in the offensive zone. The lower the number, the “tougher” the minutes a player is being assigned.

5) Quality of Competition-The quality of competition a player is skating against, measured by TOI of his opponents.

Scoring System: For categories 1, 4, and 5, the player in first place will get 5 points, second place-4, down to 5th place getting 1. For categories 2 and 3, the points awarded are halved, so first place gets 2.5, second place 2.0 and so on. This is because categories 1 through 3 are all possession-based, so it may be a little redundant to award 5 points for all of them.

A player has to have skated 50+ minutes in November to have qualified.

Relative shot attempts

Player Relative SA% Points
Wilson +5.51% 5
Green +4.63% 4
Ovechkin +4.04% 3
Burakovsky +3.24% 2
Johansson +2.85% 1


Shot attempts For/60

Player SA For/60 Points
Wilson 62.01 2.5
Ovechkin 61.82 2
Johansson 60.55 1.5
Backstrom 58.99 1
Kuznetsov 58.84 0.5


Shot attempts Against/60

Player SA Against/60 Points
Niskanen 50.37 2.5
Fehr 50.58 2
Green 50.93 1.5
Latta 51.87 1
Wilson 51.97 0.5


Zone Starts

Player Zone Start % Points
Latta 40.91% 5
Fehr 42.22% 4
Chimera 42.24% 3
Ward 45.24% 2
Beagle 50.96% 1


Quality of Competition

Player QOC TOI% Points
Ovechkin 30.11% 5
Backstrom 30.05% 4
Wilson 30.03% 3
Orpik 29.39% 2
Carlson 28.89% 1


Final Standings

Player Rank Points
Green 5 5.5
Latta 3 (tie) 6
Fehr 3 (tie) 6
Ovechkin 2 10
Wilson 1 11


The Caps advanced stats Player of the Month for November 2014 is Tom Wilson


Photo by Amanda Bowen, RRBG Photography

All stats from War on Ice

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