Three Caps Numbers: Free Agent Signings Over the Past Thirty Days

Niskanen copy

Photo by Amanda Bowen of RRBG Photography


Matt Niskanen’s on-ice shot attempt differential in Saturday’s game vs. Tampa, which was -36.4% relative to his team. Niskanen was on the ice for 5 Caps shot attempts and 25 Tamps shot attempts. Niskanen’s relative shot attempt differential over the past month before that game was -0.8%. After the Tampa game? -3.5%, which ranks 57th out of the 69 defensemen to have played 200+ minutes over that span.  Beware of small sample sizes.


The difference in total shot attempts that go in the Caps favor when Brooks Orpik is on the ice vs. when he’s off the ice over the past 30 days. This ranks 40th out of the 69 defensemen to have played 200+ minutes over that span. It remains to be seen if Orpik’s play has stabilized or this this is just a temporary improvement.  Over the entire season, Orpik’s relative shot attempt difference is -4.1%, which ranks 70th among the 78 defensemen to have played 450+ minutes during that time. Neither number is great, but Orpik’s play over the past month has been a bit easier to stomach.  


Justin Peters’ unadjusted save% over the past 30 days. This ranks 53rd of the 65 goalies to have played at least 1 period during that time. Peters has played just 40 minutes over the past 30 days. Despite his unsteady play, it’s unfair and premature to make much of a conclusion about Peters’ play during his time in Washington because he’s played so sparingly. Of course, he likely would have played more if he had performed better, but his sample size as a Caps goalie isn’t one that much meaning should be taken from. I’m still fine with the Peters signing

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