Three Caps Numbers: Free Burakovsky


Photo by Amanda Bowen of RRBG Photography

Andre Burakovsky has been a healthy scratch for the past three games. A curious decision, considering he had four points in the last three games before being forced to watch from the press box. Here are three more numbers on the Caps rookie forward.


Burakovsky’s points per 60 minutes of 5v5 ice time, tied for the team lead with Nick Backstrom among the Caps’ 12 forwards who have skated 400+ minutes this season. This ranks 45th among the 299 NHL forwards who have skated 400+ minutes this season.


Goals for the Caps per 60 minutes of 5v5 play that Burakovsky is on the ice. This is highest on the team, with John Carlson (2.8) and Alex Ovechkin (2.7) rounding out the top three. Of the 299 NHL forwards to have played 400+ minutes this season, this ranks 42nd.


Percentage points by which the Caps share of shot attempts improves with Burakovsky on the ice. Only Alex Ovechkin (+3.9%) improves the team’s possession more of the 12 forwards to have skated 400+ minutes for the team this season.

To review:

  • Burakovsky is tied with Backstrom as the most productive Caps forward at 5v5, per 60 minutes of play
  • The Caps see more goals per 60 minutes of plays with Burakovsky on the ice than any other player on the team.
  • Among the team’s forwards, only Alex Ovechkin improves the Caps’ possession more than Burakovsky.

All stats via War on Ice

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