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A new Washington Capitals blog

Washington Capitals forwards Brooks Laich(year) battles along the boards during the Caps November 11, 2011 game in New Jersey. (Photo: Mike Holden)

Starting this blog is something my brother Pat and I have been talking about for a little while.

I’ve been blogging about Caps hockey some on my personal blog and have wanted someplace to do that where the content is only Caps/hockey related. My brother has thoughts on the Caps all the time that would make for good blog material—I’m often telling him, “Start a blog” after he emails or calls me about something he saw during that night’s game.

So, we’ve started as a place where we  can write about our favorite team and the sport of hockey in general.

If you are wondering about the name of this site, my hockey-crazy three-year-old son is under the impression that number 21 for the Caps and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story share the same last name: Laichyear. It cracked me up the first time he mentioned the name “Brooks Laichyear” while telling me a story about a Caps game. And Pat and I filed it away as what we’d name our Caps blog if we ever started one.

So, today we’re starting one. We hope you’ll jump in and comment on our posts. You can follow us on Twitter at @brookslaichyear as well. Thanks for stopping by to check this out.

To the playoffs…and beyond!

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