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Brooks Laich joins Twitter

Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich, one of the two people whose name inspired this site’s name, has joined Twitter.

In case you don’t know the story behind how my brother Pat and I named this blog, here it is from the first BrooksLaichyear post I made in January of last year:

…my hockey-crazy three-year-old son is under the impression that number 21 for the Caps and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story share the same last name: Laichyear. It cracked me up the first time he mentioned the name “Brooks Laichyear” while telling me a story about a Caps game. And Pat and I filed it away as what we’d name our Caps blog if we ever started one.

Welcome to Twitter, Brooks Laich(year).

That Caps tweet about 85% off merchandise seems to be going well (not really)

The Washington Capitals sent a tweet at 1pm today telling people to “Stop by the Verizon Center Team Store today. A large selection of merchandise is 85% off!” The responses they’ve received back so far on Twitter are right in line with what you might expect during an NHL lockout that has many fans frustrated, as they go without hockey while waiting for the owners and players to sign a new collective bargaining agreement.

Find BrooksLaichyear on Facebook and Twitter too

You can also us on Facebook at and on Twitter at @brookslaichyear, where we often post during Caps games.

Caps fans share their keys to Game 2

Ovechkin Waits for Faceoff

Ovechkin Waits for Faceoff (Photo credit: clydeorama)

This morning, we asked Caps fans on Twitter, “what is one thing the team must do differently in Game 2?”  Here’s some of what we got back:


Here’s one from my brother and fellow BrooksLaichyear blogger…

And there’s the obvious one I’d expect we might get…

…but then some more detail…

Thanks to everyone who responded.

Most important Caps home game since…

Masisak tweet

NHL writer/editor and former Washington Times Caps beat reporter Corey Masisak asked on Twitter, referencing tonight’s home game against the Southeast division-leading Florida Panthers, “…pretty much the most important regular-season #Caps game at Verizon Center since the end of the 07-08 season, no?”

Agree or disagree? Use the comments below or reply on Twitter.

And you can check out Corey Masisak’s hockey writing at

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